Schedule of Condition

We can provide advice on schedules of condition for a wide range of properties including residential houses/flats and mixed use units including retail shops and offices on behalf of developers and adjoining owners.

Urban development regularly entails building close to neighbouring buildings or structures. Often there can be little protection for adjoining owners or developers in the event of damage or disturbance occurring. A schedule of condition provides a record of the condition in text and photographic format prior to the construction works commencing, so that in the event of any disturbance or disruption occurring as a result of the works, such issues can be readily identified and appropriate steps taken.

Similarly, a schedule of condition can be used to record the condition of a leasehold property prior to a tenant taking occupation or the terms of a tenancy changing. The schedule of condition can be used to protect both landlord’s and tenant’s interests and can be used to accurately understand the repairing, reinstatement and redecoration obligations at the lease end.

The schedule will detail the overall condition of the premises prior to occupation. As under the majority of commercial leases the tenant will be responsible for the maintenance and repair liabilities it is an important report to establish the current condition of the property. This can then be attached to the new lease and establishes the condition of the property prior to the new tenancy.