Schedule of Dilapidation

At the end of a lease, the landlord is usually entitled, under the terms of the lease, to receive his building back from the outgoing tenants in good condition, ready to be re-occupied by a new tenant. Both landlord and tenant must be aware of their liabilities and obligations under the terms of the lease.

If you are a tenant facing a claim for dilapidations from a landlord, or a landlord trying to recover your property repair costs from a tenant, we can advise you on the extent of repair needed to the property and the likely cost involved. We can also negotiate with the landlord or tenant’s surveyor to resolve the dispute amicably.

Dilapidations claims arising during, or at the end of a leasehold interest can represent a significant and unforeseen cost to either party. Professional and timely advice is vital in avoiding unnecessary problems. Legal action can result in one or both parties incurring substantial costs, which may be disproportionately high in relation to the original claim.

Wonnacotts aims to resolve any dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner reaching appropriate settlements for both landlords and tenants. Our advice is always given on an impartial and independent basis in accordance with current legal procedures. Realistic professional advice is essential as excessive unrealistic claims will be disputed and once subject to legal scrutiny usually fail.